Onset & Location DIT Services

Mobile Digital Lab Services and DIT Vehicles Available

Digital Workflow & Media Management

Camera Prep, Configuration, Sensor Testing & Cleaning

Quality Control & Live Image Assessment

Live Grading & Onset Colour Correction

Checksum Verification

Preparation for Post Production and Dailies Creation

Rushes Archiving

Dailies Upload & Cloud Storage Services

VFX & Playback Support

Onset Colour Grading

Look Creation and Colour Pipeline Management

Digital Camera Reports & Handover

Camera Systems

Arri Alexa 35, 65, LF, SXT, XT, Mini, M, Amira, Monochrome & D21

Red V-Raptor, Monstro, Hellum, Weapon, Dragon, Epic, Raven, Scarlett & Monochrome

Panavision DXL1, 2 & Genesis

Sony Venice I & II, FX9, FX6, FX3, F65, F55, FS7, F7, F5, F35, F23, A7s & A7r, 900r, 790P, 750, F3, EX3, EX1, Z5, Z1

BlackMagic URSA, Production 4k, Pocket Camera

Panasonic Varicam P2

Canon C300, C500, 1D IV, %D MKII & III, 7D

Phantom 65, Flex 4K

GoPro Cameras & most other Action Cameras

DJ-I & Other Drone Units


DIT Trained

Codex Vault & Production Suite

Assimilate Scratch & Davinci Resolve Colour Grading

Ripple & FxPHD Colour Correction Training



NFTS Lighting for Digital & Film (Studios & Locations)

BBC Camera, Lighting and Sound Recording (Studio & Locations)

BBC Production Safety & Risk Management

FCP, Avid & Premiere

Adobe Photoshop & After Effects